We believe in creating a vibrant, abundant, and inclusive community.  Our policies below are there to help us reach this goal.  Our Community Policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using EveryoneCounts, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

1. General

2. Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech

3. Using the EveryoneCounts Community

4. Forums

5. Direct Messages

  1. General

We believe in creating a fertile environment for all of us to learn, grow and actualize our visions and dreams together. To that end, we recommend that when participating in EveryoneCounts.world you agree to be:

To meet our goals for a safe environment conducive to unity, we will refrain from contributing content in any area that may lead to disunity such as:  

NOTE: While these are highly important topics, this platform is a place to build community and common ground.

  1.  Anti-Descrimination and Hate Speech

At EveryoneCounts thoughtful individuals around the world, work to help each person lead a happy, joyous, and abundant life. It’s an ecosystem where people of all backgrounds inspire each other and build relationships. We want everyone on EveryoneCounts to feel safe, and our priority is fostering an inclusive environment. This policy explains the kind of behavior we prohibit on EveryoneCounts to make sure we all have a positive experience.

EveryoneCounts prohibits the use of our Services to discriminate against people based on any personal attribute such as:

It is your responsibility to know your local laws and any other legal regulations on discrimination that might apply to you.

Additionally, EveryoneCounts does not allow hate speech. Hate speech occurs when violent, offensive, derogatory or demeaning language is directed at a person or group for any reason including one or more of the attributes listed above.

Whether you’re engaging with public services on EveryoneCounts, such as our forum or blog, writing reviews, or having direct communication with other members of the EveryoneCounts community using features provided by the website, discrimination and hate speech will not be tolerated. As a contributor on EveryoneCounts, your content, including announcements and policies, cannot display discriminatory behavior toward any group. Examples of prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to:

If you think discrimination or hate speech has occurred on EveryoneCounts.World, please report it by emailing trust-and-safety@everyonecounts.world, and we will investigate. If you see a listing on EveryoneCounts which you believe violates our Prohibited Items Policy, we encourage you to write to us and we will make every effort to review your report as fast as possible.

  1.  Using the EveryoneCounts Community

EveryoneCounts community spaces are public areas where contributors and participants can interact with one another. Anyone who uses any of the community spaces must be over 18 years old. To make sure that the EveryoneCounts community continues to be a place that’s safe, welcoming, and respectful, you agree to comply with the following policies in all community spaces:

  1. Respect other members’ privacy, and protect your own. Don’t share private or personally identifying information in public areas of the site. This includes, but is not limited to, transaction details, personal contact details and the verbatim contents of private correspondence.
  2. Do not use community spaces to discuss interactions with EveryoneCounts representatives, or to share verbatim extracts of such conversations ( i.e., emails, DMs or messages, live chats etc.). Remember, most messages between you and EveryoneCounts are considered private correspondence and we ask that you respect this confidentiality. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
  3. Be honest and transparent about who you are. Don’t use a fake identity.
  4. Be respectful towards other individuals and, when in doubt, lead with kindness, assume best intentions and act on that basis. Don’t use community spaces to publicly disparage a specific individual, an EveryoneCounts representative, listing or category of item.
  5. Don’t use community tools or spaces to interfere with another individual’s business.
  6. Don’t spam. This includes unsolicited or duplicate posts or links to your shop, fundraisers, surveys, social media or other promotional content.
  7. Don’t use community spaces to coordinate pricing or discuss fee avoidance with other Contributors or Participants.
  8. Don’t use community spaces to harass other Contributors or Participants. Similarly, don’t post content in community spaces that may promote, support, or glorify hatred, misinformation, or that would be in violation of EveryoneCounts’s policies including our Anti-Discrimination Policy.
  9. Don’t publish or post threats of violence against others or promote or encourage others to engage in violence or illegal activity.
  10. Don’t engage in illegal activity or activity that infringes someone’s intellectual property, or encourage others to engage in that type of activity.
  11. Don’t use community spaces to encourage others to violate EveryoneCounts’ policies (TBD – INSERT LINK TO POLICIES PAGE).

Continue reading below for some additional policies that apply to you while using specific community spaces.

4. Forums

Forums is a public space where contributors and participants can gather with one another to discuss matters of interest relevant to EveryoneCounts and its content.

By using EveryoneCounts’ Forums, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. Your role is to help us create a safe space for everyone to learn from one another and grow their businesses.
  2. Your contributions help us build a public database of valuable knowledge and experiences that are available to everyone.
  3. Tone is challenging to interpret on a public forum and our community spaces are for EveryoneCounts Contributors at every level. When in doubt, lead with empathy and kindness.
  4. Your posts will stay on topic. Off topic posts may be removed.
  5. Your posts in the Forums are permanent and can be viewed in various places including your User Profile (unless they are removed by EveryoneCounts).
  6. Your posts should be helpful, constructive, and encouraging when voicing dissent or criticism. Don’t harass, target, insult, troll, or call out other members or EveryoneCounts representatives.
  7. Moderators may take certain actions to keep the Forums welcoming, organized, and helpful for everyone. Such actions are not up for public discussion.
  8. You will respect others’ opinions and report content responsibly. Flagging posts is reserved for content that specifically violates EveryoneCounts’s policies.
  9. EveryoneCounts reserves the right to remove content from the Forums at any time for any reason, including, for example, violation of our policies, removal of dormant content, content that causes privacy issues, or due to changes to how the Forums operate.
  10. If you have concerns about actions taken in the forums, please contact us on support@everyonecounts.world.

5. Direct Messages

Members may send each other direct messages using the Community’s built-in messaging system. These messages are separate from EveryoneCounts Messages and can be accessed and read when you are in community spaces.

By using direct messages in the EveryoneCounts Community, you agree to all of the above policies. In addition, you may not send messages that are considered:

  1. Abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, or otherwise in violation of our Anti-Discrimination Policy.
  2. Obscene or vulgar.
  3. Unsolicited advertising or promotions.

If you receive an inappropriate message, please report it to support@everyonecounts.world.

Last updated on August 23, 2021