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  • Elizabeth Eckes
  • Safa Alai

    Safa's doing great today!

  • Sandy Hinden

    Sandy Hinden is a visionary leader, program and project developer, and community organizer. He has worked for thirty-five years to help children, adults, elders, and nature locally, nationally, and globally. He is executive director of Dix Hills Performing Arts Center and co-director of the John Lennon Center for Music and Technology at Five Towns College, New York. He is president of the Long Island Men's Center and founder of Whole Earth ARTS.

  • Victoria Alai

    Victoria Alai is currently working as a trainer and life navigator. She has successfully scrambled to survive multiple financial, social, physical, and mental-emotional life crises. Working through her own crooked life path, Victoria has arrived at a happy, thriving, and abundant life today and is excited to share with you what she has learned through The Survival 101 program. Victoria developed the Survival 101 program because she believes that by establishing a strong foundation in every area of your life as fast as possible, you will form a firm launch pad to rocket into a life that is thriving and abundant.

    “I’m a person just like you, dedicated to guiding people into abundant living by sharing my personal experiences and best practices for moving from survival to a thriving life.” - Victoria Alai

Authors List