Find Your Passion: for Career and Business

Self-paced online courses

Find Your Passion is an online, self-paced course to connect you to your core values so you can find your passion in career and prepare to pursue that passion in the real world.

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What you will learn?

  • Determine your starting point in career and business
  • Unveil your true underlying desires for your career or business
  • Explore careers and businesses that match your values
  • Narrow your career choices
  • Understand the career, business landscape we operate in
  • Prepare to Make It Happen!

What you will receive?

  • Self-paced Online Course:
    Find Your Passion for Career and Business
  • Digital guidebook
  • Completion certificate!

Sample Lessons

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Who are you?
    • Who am I?
    • About the guidebook
  • Where are you now in your work/retirement?
  • The Vision
    • Your vision
    • About the Clarity Process
    • Seeds of a plan
    • Preparing for your plan
    • Reflect
    • Underlying desire
    • Underlying desire in 4 main areas of life
    • Basic questions about your underlying desires
  • Exploring your interests
    • Introduction to your interests
    • Clarify your work values
    • Values form exercise
    • Interest inventory
    • Sample career sheets and videos
    • MyNextMove Demo (Optional)
    • Knowing your value is key to “success”
    • Narrow your career choices: Cyclical vs Steadier Career?
    • Your basic needs and Upward Path
    • Happy customers key to abundance!
  • Finding a real fit
    • Find your best fit
    • Clarifying career choices
  • Testing your choices in the real world
    • Creating a list of people in prospective fields
    • Informational interviewing and role playing
    • Job shadows
    • Track your contacts and activities
    • The power of the Thank You Note
    • Pivot when needed
    • Testing your choices process flow
  • Next steps
    • Make It Happen: For Career and Business Course!
    • Conclusion
    • Find Your Passion Feedback form
  • Completion certificate!

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