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Link to Upward Path Course. Logo shows person running up a stairway to get the self help they need.

The Upward Path

Self-Paced Online Course

The Upward Path course frees you from all those internal & external forces that hold you back. Navigate your life transition by exploring where you are in every area of your life and create the future you want by creating a personalized step-by-step trackable plan. 

Link to Find Your Passion Course. Logo show magnifying glass over a heart.

Find Your Passion

Self-Paced Online Course

Find Your Passion is a course to connect you to your core values so you can find your passion in career and prepare to pursue that passion in the real world.

Link to Make it Happen Course. Logo shows heart radiating light as you get the self help you need.

Make It Happen!

Self-Paced Online Course

Make It Happen is a course that organizes you to make your life’s work a reality.


Link to register for a support group. Logo shows people engaged in a conversation as they help each other.

Together We Thrive Support Group

Are your ready for freedom in your life? The freedom to be the author of your own destiny, free from any external or internal forces?

Join us weekly for facilitated, mutual support groups utilizing the Survival 101 tools.