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Self-Paced Courses

Link to Upward Path Course. Logo shows person running up a stairway to get the self help they need.

Online Course

Navigate your life transition by exploring where you are in every area of your life and create the future you want by creating a personalized step-by-step trackable plan.

Online Course Bundle

The full Upward Path course bundle, including the online course, the Survival 101 paperback book, the Survival 101 spiral bound workbook and the Survival 101 digital editable workbook.  A great deal!

Online Course Bundle plus

facilitator training

Take the upward path course bundle to the next level by engaging in ten hours of live or virtual personal training sessions with Victoria Alai to become a facilitator of the course.

Live Courses & Events

Link to Find Your Passion Course. Logo show magnifying glass over a heart.
Link to Make it Happen Course. Logo shows heart radiating light as you get the self help you need.