Survival 101:
Online Bundle

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The Survival 101 Bundle includes the Upward Path online/self-paced, the Survival 101 book, a workbook, and fillable forms in PDF format. The Survival 101 and Upward Path program was written by Victoria Alai for people who are going through a major life transition, have struggled for years, and are ready to lay a foundation not just to survive but thrive. In this program participants will find essential tools to help them gain clarity and take charge of their lives. As a bonus, we have added both the Find Your Passion and Make It Happen courses as well! 

By pulling together a wide range of practical techniques and strategies for living and healing, Victoria Alai lays out step-by-step instructions on how to move into a regulated, prosperous, and thriving life. Part field-guide, part true-life survival story, Victoria shares her own inspiring journey, lighting the way as we seek our unique path to abundance.

Specifically, in the Survival 101 program, participants will find:

  • Validation for their own experience and journey.
  • Clarity on their needs and how to meet them.
  • Tools and resources for surviving any situation in life. 
  • Solutions for problems that once seemed hopeless.
  • Confidence that they can handle challenges with grace and ease.
  • Enhanced resources and support for reaching abundance.
  • Opportunities to do business with one another.

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