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The author of 7 Keys to Love started out over 45 years ago being confused about love, so he started reading and compiling quotations about love. Compiling quotes for years, he learned more and more about love’s many dimensions. Sanford saw that the values of empathy, compassion, and loving-kindness are built into our institutions of education, health, human services, and cultural activities to help people heal, enlighten and grow in loving-kindness.  People have the capacity to care in so many ways.


  • Sandy Hinden

    Sandy Hinden is a visionary leader, program and project developer, and community organizer. He has worked for thirty-five years to help children, adults, elders, and nature locally, nationally, and globally. He is executive director of Dix Hills Performing Arts Center and co-director of the John Lennon Center for Music and Technology at Five Towns College, New York. He is president of the Long Island Men's Center and founder of Whole Earth ARTS.

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