Survival 101 Upward Path Self-Paced Course


Survival 101 is about freedom.  Freedom is the right to be the author of your own destiny free from any external or internal forces. This Upward Path course frees you from all those internal & external forces that hold you back.

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The Survival 101 Upward Path course is aimed at supporting individuals going through life transitions by fully understanding where they are right now in all major life areas, envision where they would like to be, and creating a personalized step-by-step, trackable plan to transition into where they would like to be. Some of the common life transitions participants have experienced have been: graduation, retirement, career changes, relationship changes, mental and emotional challenges, and more. The program leads participants to create an individualized plan that will help them successfully navigate a path to a regulated, adult, stable and thriving life. This program can be used at any stage of life.

Why is this Program Necessary?
Life struggles are like a chicken and egg situation: It is hard to know whether life issues, such as finance, relationships, or substance abuse lead to difficulties with mental and emotional health or if the lack of self-respect or validation leads to life issues. To succeed, we need to address life issues holistically. This course together with the book, Survival 101, systematically reviews each area of life. We believe that by addressing both visible/physical needs, such as housing, finance, and food, and invisible/emotional needs, such as validation, love, and security, we help participants create a more complete and holistic plan that increases the chances of overall happiness, prosperity, and abundance.

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