The Upward Path

The Upward Path

The Upward Path is an online, self-paced course to free you from all those internal & external forces that hold you back.

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What you will learn?

The Survival 101 Upward Path course is aimed at supporting individuals going through life transitions. Some of the common life transitions participants have experienced have been: graduation, retirement, career changes, relationship changes, mental and emotional challenges, financial growth, and more. The program leads participants to create an individualized plan that will help them successfully navigate a path to a regulated, adult, happy, and thriving life. This program can be used at any stage of life and repeated in various areas of life.

  • Determine where you are right now in all major life areas
  • Envision where you would like to be
  • Create a personalized step-by-step plan to get there
  • Enjoy a happy, regulated, prosperous life
  • Repeat with challenge areas or new dreams that arise

What you will receive?

  • Self-paced Online Course:
    The Upward Path
  • Digital workbook
  • Completion certificate!

Sample Lessons

Course Outline

  • Difference in mindset between
  • Identity: Who we are and are not
  • All about needs and their motivations
  • Tools for life transformation
    • Pain as a gold mine
    • The Upward Path
    • The Clarity process
    • Accountability partner
  • The Upward Path: Step-by-step
    • Step1: Commit to your Upward Path
    • Step 2: Accept who you really are
    • Step 3: Determine where you are right now
    • Step 4: Discover where you want to be in your life
    • Step 5: What will it take for you to bridge the gap? (e.g., Form a Dream Team)
    • Step 6: Launching your own Upward Path
    • Step 7: Overcoming challenges
    • Step 8: Are you still on track?
    • Step 9: Pivot when needed
    • Step 10: Join the community path
    • Step 11: Assemble your plan
    • Step 12: Celebrate! 
  • Next steps on your Upward Path
  • Upward Path feedback form
  • Completion certificate!

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